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Employees should not conduct work that exposes them to substances which present a risk to their health unless a suitable and sufficient assessment of air quality has been made. Many industrial and commercial processes release hazardous substances into the working environment unless properly controlled. Without performing air monitoring it’s difficult to know what staff exposure levels are, and impossible to be confident that limits are not being breached. If any control measures such as dust masks or ventilation equipment fail or deteriorate, this can also pose a serious risk to health.

The pollutants measured though Workplace Exposure Monitoring are typically those that cause damage to the respiratory tract and lung tissue, such as dust and glass fibres. Short term exposure at high levels can cause immediate problems, while prolonged exposure at low levels can lead to diseases such as pneumoconiosis and cause irreparable damage to other internal organs.

To help you ensure your employees’ exposure to hazardous substances is being adequately controlled, EnviroDat will:

  • conduct air testing (Regulation 10), and monitor workers exposure to check that legally-enforced limits are not being exceeded
  • check that control measures are working properly, highlighting where action must be taken to prevent exposure, and
  • identify any risks to employees’ health that are not currently being mitigated.

We're the experts because

We’ll provide the measurement data and consultancy support you need to make an informed judgement about the risks and steps required to achieve adequate and appropriate control.

EnviroDat’s team of engineers has a detailed knowledge and experience of most industries and processes, which enables them to form sound monitoring strategies based on the established standards and actual site circumstances.

Walking you through the results of their assessment, they can also provide advice on how to improve ambient conditions, and tailor effective solutions that will fully optimise environments according to your business needs.

"They are happy to spend time talking through and interpreting test results BUT... never make us feel silly."