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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (BREEAM)

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (BREEAM)

The need for buildings to achieve BREEAM certification for their sustainability, along with the rising awareness of sick building syndrome (SBS), has made Indoor Air Quality Monitoring more crucial than ever before. A sick office is unhealthy for its occupants, and can undermine morale, efficiency and ultimately the productivity of a company.

Indoor air quality can be adversely affected by obvious factors such as temperature, humidity, air flow and lighting. Many industrial and commercial processes also expose employees to a variety of pollutants and substances that are potentially harmful to their health, including fungi, bacteria, dust, fumes, odour and harmful gases.

EnviroDat’s team provides a comprehensive monitoring and prevention service that will ensure you achieve and maintain legislative compliance, and assure the safety and wellbeing of your employees.

Providing objective and subjective measurements, our specialist engineers will survey all industrial processes, and monitor employees exposure to highlight any areas of concern. We’ll then:

  • investigate the possible causes of poor air quality air such as airborne pollutants, poor ventilation or problems within the working environment (e.g. with humidity or temperature)
  • analyse their effects on working conditions, and
  • pinpoint any correlations in the results, using these to determine the corrective actions we recommend to you.

We're the experts because

As experts in workplace BREEAM assessments, we can help you provide the optimum working environment for your staff.

Our engineers are highly skilled in the analysis of all potential pollutants, and ascertaining their effects on employees. We focus on identifying problem sources, and then working closely with you to tailor sustainable, effective monitoring solutions to help provide premium air quality in the long term.

"They are happy to spend time talking through and interpreting test results BUT... never make us feel silly."