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Biogas Engine and Flare Emissions Monitoring (MCERTS & UKAS)

Biogas Engine and Flare Emissions Monitoring (MCERTS & UKAS)

Biogas is fast becoming a major contributor to supplying green energy in the UK and across the world. The methane produced when organic matter is converted to biogas is either used as a fuel source or destroyed by flaring. Both processes are regulated by the Environment Agency, and operators which use biogas as a fuel source must perform emissions monitoring to ensure they comply with their permit.

Operators are required to test engine and flare emissions from their plant annually to assess whether NOx, CO, VOC and SO2 releases are within the permitted values. EnviroDat can guide you through the steps necessary to achieve a successful monitoring campaign.

Using an holistic approach, and working closely with site personnel and other service providers, we can:

  • highlight any possible obstacles before conducting the monitoring, and
  • advise on best practices to ensure the testing programme runs as smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible.

This approach has proven extremely successful with our clients, many of which have gained monitoring knowledge they did not previously possess.

We're the experts because

EnviroDat has been working with a range Biogas operators for many years, and we currently supply emissions monitoring for clients ranging from the largest landfill and waste water operators down to small independent concerns running single anaerobic digestion engines.

The knowledge and experience we’ve built enables us to support operators in successfully meeting their permit obligations – and when challenges arise we can provide advice to resolve them.

Our experienced team of engineers is able to interpret the results in real-time, and provide vital feedback to you and to third-party contractors during the monitoring. This open approach allows the best outcomes to be achieved through working in partnership.

"Really good at co-ordinating and collaborating well with engineering contractors on-site, which is key"
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