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The effects of pollution arising from industries that produce or raise dust are of increasing concern to the public, who demand a cleaner environment. While a dust raising activity may not pose a health risk, it might be regarded as a significant nuisance if it soils buildings and vehicles, for example. The law can often be misinterpreted in terms of what constitutes a nuisance, so it’s vital to work with an experienced and knowledgeable partner.

EnviroDat’s team of highly trained and accredited Ambient Air Quality Monitoring specialists independently audits and monitors outdoor air pollution caused by emissions from sites as diverse as factories, quarries and car parks.

We can help you to:

  • determine the impact of pollution, providing information which can be used to reduce complaints
  • establish a baseline level before development
  • take boundary measurements to demonstrate permit compliance or check pollution levels if nuisance complaints have been received, and
  • assess abatement efficiency or failure.

Our team is equipped to employ passive or active sampling methods, and to measure pollution over the long or short term. Sampling can cover traffic, industrial sites or agricultural locations – up to the boundary or further afield. We can also provide deposition gauges, directional dust gauges, passive sampling tubes, active samplers, fixed analysers and analysis.

We're the experts because

Our engineers are highly skilled in the analysis of all potential pollutants and their effects on local communities. We focus on identifying problem sources and working closely with you to tailor sustainable, effective monitoring solutions that will help provide premium air quality in the long term.

To prevent your test and evaluation costs from spiralling, especially if regular or repeat work is required, we’ll clearly define the objectives of each study at the design stage, and take a flexible approach to meeting the needs of your business.

"Really good at co-ordinating and collaborating well with engineering contractors on-site, which is key"
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